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The TPU film is a slow mucous film. There will be some marks and bubbles after it is pasted at the time. After a few days, it will
It disappears naturally, and the perfect effect of the transparent invisible film will be formed at that time, please let us know.
This product is made of high-transparency TPU material, with high-definition transparency, scratch self-repairing and other functions
The interior style of the original car will not be changed after installation

Product information:
Model: Angkersaila next generation
material: plastic
Applicable parts: door handle, door internal control layout
Style1-Style8: Ice Film Glass Sticker
Style 9: Instrument transparent film
Style 10: Air-conditioning transparent film
Style 11: Tempered film
Style 12: Gear transparent film
Style13 Transparent Film for Glass Panel
14 models: Oncosla RHD gear panel transparent film
15 Style: Angkesila RHD Window Button Panel Transparent Film

Style21:CX30 foreign manual version carbon fiber

20Style: 20-21 Angkesaila: Foreign version of TPU transparent film for water cup lid

16 models: Oncosla LCD screen RHD transparent film
17 models: Enxila full set of RHD interior TPU film

Style22: 20-21 Ankesaila foreign hatchback five-door version bright black 8 pieces
Style23: 20-21 Angksela foreign hatchback five-door TPU transparent film 8 pieces
Style24: 20-21 Angksela foreign hatchback five carbon fiber pattern black 8 pieces

A: 20-21 Atez (transparent protective film for stalls)
B:20-21 Atez (window switch)
C:20-21 Atez (Navigation toughened film)
D:20-21 Atez (full set of interiors)
E:20-21 Atez (full set of interiors)
F:14-21 Atez (5 pieces of door bowl film)
G:20-21 Atez (right-hand drive version with transparent film for gears)
H:20-21 Atez (Right Driving Version with Window Switch Film)
I:20-21 Atez (right drive version with a full set of interior film)

J:20-21 model window button carbon fiber

l: 20-21 Angkesaila TPU transparent headlight film one-pair

k: 20-21 Angkesaila TPU transparent rear headlight film one pair

M: 20-21 Angkesaila: 8 pieces of black carbon fiber pattern
N: 20-21 Angkesaila: 8 pieces in bright black
O: 20-21 Angkesaila: 8 pieces of TPU transparent film

P: 20-21 cx-30: foreign automatic right-hand drive version carbon fiber textured black film

Package Content:
1*Car model

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Car Interior Decoration Accessories
Car Interior Decoration Accessories
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